Smart LEARNING Private Institute was founded in 2006. Always being passionate about learning, Stella Zorpa desired to create a place which would help her teach the English language to children of all ages. Holding a Bachelor degree in English Language and Literature and an MA in Educational Leadership enabled her to create a place where she could work effectively: a fun and exciting place where students feel like home.

The school started off as a small Institute, where English, Mathematics and Greek were the only subjects being taught. However, the numbers of students doubled year after year. This created the need for additional programs. Today the school offers more subjects including Public Speaking, accounting, economics, history and computer lessons.

One of the school’s main missions remains to help students obtain a good level of English in order to fulfil their individual goals. Most of the students attend English lessons which will lead them towards recognized English Language exams such as IGCSE, A LEVEL in English and IELTS, which will promise them a position at a well-known university in Cyprus or abroad and towards better employment opportunities.

Students of different ages and nationalities, ranging from 5 years old to adults, attend SmartLearning to either study a specific program in the English Language and take Cambridge Exams or to receive University Preparation for Greek and Cypriot Universities and communication courses such as Public Speaking or to join another course such as accounting, economics, LCCI or ECDL.

Smart Learning is both an accredited Cambridge Exam Centre and an ECDL Exam Centre and this makes the procedure of the exams easier since our students do not have to travel to other venues.

We promise to offer more services to our students in the near future which can make their educational journey easier.

Our Aims

Our team aims to provide a caring, safe, supportive and stimulating environment with high quality teaching in which students will enjoy their learning experiences and consequently become:

  • Equipped with skills, knowledge and understanding which can help them to make up-to-date choices about their lives, especially related to further study and career.
  • Independent with curious minds which enjoy learning and want to learn more each day.
  • Confident, flexible, able to co-operate with others and enjoy a high level of self-esteem and self-efficacy.
  • Able to express themselves in a creative way through a range of media.
  • Talented to express themselves with self-confidence in public speaking.
  • Enthusiastic to succeed with a pride in their achievements.
  • Eager to enter University with high degrees in their selected courses.

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